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Our Happy Customers

Bob's Bar & Restaurant - Kanturk, Co. Cork

"We at Bob’s find using Allergen Hawkeye is quick and easy. It is great to have all the information on one system and the customers are finding it very easy to use. The customers can also install the app on their phone and get all the information straight to their Smart phone. It is very easy to upload new dishes as we change our specials menu daily."

Patrick Vicaire, Owner


Daly's Supervalu - Killarney, Co. Kerry

"Allergen Hawkeye was piloted in our Supervalu shop commencing in March 2018. We have found it to be excellent in terms of reducing time and resources needed to keep written allergen declaration up to date in a timely manner on display to customers. So much so that since September 2018 we have invested in a 2nd Allergen Hawkeye account to service our popular Brown Sugar Café business. We cannot fault attention to detail in terms of service support as provided by Allergen Hawkeye and would encourage any food service operation to look at this web-app and adopt its multi benefits.

The depth of functionalities within Allergen Hawkeye means that it has something of value for everyone!"

Denis Tucker, Operations Manager


Brown Sugar Café - Killarney, Co. Kerry

"The Hawkeye allergen tablet has made keeping on top of allergen records very easy and straight forward. It is very user friendly and I would highly recommend it to other places."

Linda Carmody, Head Chef


EUROSPAR Carraroe, Co. Galway

"We recently installed the Hawkeye system and have found it to be a very useful tool to store and maintain our allergen information. It’s so simple to use for both ourselves behind the scenes and for the customer to look up any allergens. There are so many things that it can be used for, it has so much potential for any business to showcase its vast selection of products on sale with the use of pictures it really shows off all that we have to offer. We dealt with Brendan and found him to be very professional, helpful and always came back to us in a timely manner with any queries we may have had. We would 100% recommend Hawkeye."

Jennifer Breathnach, Store Owner / Manager


Centra Kearney - Ballydesmond, Co. Cork

"Allergen Hawkeye is an excellent platform that enables you to upload your information required so as customers can easily access products of their choice. Any food business would benefit from it and I highly recommend it. Another plus is that Brendan is always just a phone call away should you need help on anything."

John O’Sullivan, Admin / Food Safety Champion (2021)


EUROSPAR Rathkeale, Co. Limerick

"I could not recommend enough the benefits of having Allergen Hawkeye in our store. Gone are the tedious days of maintaining a hard folder. The platform is easy to use for both customers and staff. The training we received was superb as well as the after service which is excellent."

Mary Duggan, Fresh Food Manager (2021)


EUROSPAR Cobh, Co. Cork

"Since the introduction of Allergen Hawkeye to our business it has given me great reassurance that our store is fully compliant when it comes to food allergens. The pain of going through sheets of paper and trying to maintain some sort of order is something we do not have to worry about with Hawkeye. The help and support we received and continue to receive when needed from Brendan and his colleagues made the overall transition as seamless as possible and something I’d strongly recommend to any food business"

Shane Jones, Store Manager (2021)


EUROSPAR Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

"I was first introduced to Allergen Hawkeye in my previous position as store manager EUROSPAR Rathkeale. Upon taking up my subsequent position as general manager in EUROSPAR Dungarvan I made it my business to introduce Allergen Hawkeye there also. Everybody benefits from Hawkeye. Overall staff and customer confidence is visibly increased when it comes to allergen awareness. It's quick and easy to introduce and use within your food business. Excellent staff training and back up support. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hawkeye to any food proprietor."

Jonathan Mooney, General Manager (2021)


Centra O'Connell - Templemore, Co. Tipperary

"Allergen Hawkeye has made a huge difference to our confidence dealing with allergen awareness and labelling of our products. It’s proven to be easily accessed with a very user friendly dashboard. Brendan and his team are always on hand to deal with any queries with zoom calls also available for tuition where needed. We would definitely recommend Hawkeye for any business."

Tracey Coleman, Food Safety Champion (2021)


Esquires Coffee Bars - Ireland

"We have been using Allergen Hawkeye since 2019. Great Allergen Software and easy company to deal with!"

Ralph De Year, Operations Manager - Ireland (2021)


Centra O'Donovan - Enniskeane, Co. Cork

"We have been using the Hawkeye system in our store for the past number of years and we find it invaluable to maintain our allergen information. It is very user friendly for both our staff and our customers. Hawkeye offers us a range of behind the counter optional uses as well as the ability to declare our wide selection of on display in-store made products to customers in a FIC compliant manner. We have worked with Brendan for many years now. His technical support and prompt attention to our queries continue to be beyond reproach. We would have no hesitation in recommending Hawkeye to anyone."

Denise O'Donovan, Owner / Manager (2021)


SPAR Lynch - Castlegregory, Co. Kerry

"We had Allergen Hawkeye installed 2 years ago and it was a game changer for our Allergen system. It has made life so much easier, the hours of paperwork are gone. It’s so easy to operate and having access from the phone makes controlling content so much more manageable. It lets you know when suppliers add updates or if any product needs to be reviewed. Customers find it very easy to navigate the Tablet when they are viewing Allergen information. Technical support is excellent and always available to answer any questions or help if any issues arise. I would highly recommend Hawkeye for any business that requires Allergen information to be recorded and displayed for public use."

Eileen O'Sullivan, Food Safety Manager (2021)


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