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Dashboard - Manage Your Allergen Information Display

"Your Admin Dashboard" is used to quickly and easily upload and verify for accuracy your food allergen and other optional chosen information for immediate real time professional display to your customers. Your dashboard is designed to be self-intuitive and simple to use as well as being fully email and password protected. Most admin users will opt to conveniently upload data via their personal smart phone device but any on line device can be used once you are securely logged into our server via your unique email and password.

Hawkeye dashboard is default designed to record that you have taken the step to verify all new or edited food item information accuracy, at that moment in time, before allowing display to customers. Hawkeye also prompts you via a red dot on your dashboard to re-verify the information accuracy for all food items already residing on your data base for 10 days or longer. Most recent date of reverification is displayed to customers on the food item screen. We are constantly planning and implementing viable new functionalities onto the admin dashboard in response to customer research feedback suggestions. Continuous improvement comes at no extra cost from Allergen Hawkeye.


Allergen information management
Allergen information page

Customer Information Display

"Customer information Display" is optimally intended for online display to your Customers via dedicated touchscreen interactive tablet(s) at secure kiosk station(s). Simply add or edit food items with their allergen and other optional information of your choice via your secure admin dashboard and your customer information display will immediately be updated with the newly added or edited information in real time.

Any device can again be used for viewing the displayed information on your customer side. For best results Allergen Hawkeye has been designed for customer ease of interactive use via a "robust kiosk protected" interactive 10" touch screen tablet at your point of sale or display. Allergen Hawkeye, as a follow on, is proving to be even more customer user friendly via "customer approved sharing" to their personal smart phone home screen or bookmarks. Your most recent admin dashboard food item reverification "date" is also visibly displayed on each individual customer food item display screen. Customers are also constantly reminded on their screen that displayed information can be quickly rechecked upon request.



Your Allergen Hawkeye admin dashboard regularly prompts you the user to re-verify the accuracy of declared allergen information for individual food items in your data base. Any item uploaded and on display for 10 days or more will remain on the red dot flagged list awaiting reverification by the user. Food items can be re-verified individually from this list or all together via a single one tick check box. Your most recent reverification "date" is also visibly displayed on the customer individual food item display screen. Customers are also being constantly reminded on their display screen that written information as provided can be quickly rechecked upon request.


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